50 Shades of Ruben: Vol. 3

Sunday was filled with a lot of hype for Tropical Storm Sandy. The weather was shifting, the wind was howling but was no match for Rubens newest sound system.

This drill box turned speaker was seriously bumping


And this was the drill battery which powered the whole setup

White Fang WINS!

The Commonwealth Classic hosted by US, Boston Bike Polo went off last weekend without a hitch. We had amazing weather BOTH days, great teams from all over. We had 2 teams from each Bangor, ME and New York, NY, one full Burlington, VT team, another from Northampton, MA, and Boston had 4 teams in the running. Saturday was a net-bulging round robin and every team got at least on match up with every other squad.

Boston’s WHITE FANG made up of Papi, Addison and Jamie came out on top after a grueling fangfull double final. The home team boys squeaked in the sudden-death winning goal to keep The Commonwealth Cup in Boston for its first year. Get training for next year!

Final Standings
1 White Fang BOS
2 I hope Dirks Shows Up NYC/BOS
3 Old Yeller’s Revenge Northampton/BTV
4 Tochahontis and the Smokin’ Bears BTV
6 Shitstorm Troopers NYC
6 Boner Bros BOS
8 Black Ribbon Bike Crew – Bangor
8 bind polo kill BOS
10 Tally-ho BOS
10 Bangover Bangor

Things were kicked off properly Friday night

The coveted Commonwealth Cup

A crowd gathered on the beach in southie

The ride between the southie courts was quite pleasant

Papi vs Bob

Cole showed up sunday sans full face helmet but so ready for business

Mars is like yo whatsup

Tochahontis and The Smokin’ Bears had on their warpaint

Regan is part of the 2012 polo lockout, but he still helped out with timing.

Tony perched in a fine place to root for the hometeam boys

Fully fanged

Fixcraft really hooked up the balls for this weekend. Thanks fixcraft!

The bracket at the beginning of double elim

The view from Tony’s perch

The final underway

The winners bracket

You need to get a new bike

The Boston Boys win!


A proper joyful garden celebration feast

50 Shades of Ruben: Vol. 2

On Friday October 12 Boston Bike Polo threw a fundraising party to raise funds for the upcoming tournament. Everyone was getting fully torqued, including Ruben, who showed up pre-torqued packing a new Ruben Cube for sound and some dope riser bars. Check it out:

Ruben has comment

Dope ends with integrated high-rise braking system

Ruben’s been packing this for awhile, but it hasn’t been documented until now

A ruben cube brining the beats to the party

We’re Going to Bench Minor Baby!

Javier Addison Tony and Jamie aka @papi_facil @theboynamedrad @tp6017 and @jamezon are about to leave Boston will be headed north at full speed pointed towards Ottowa for the legendary Bench Minor harcourt polo tournament. (Also former Bostonian Jake aka @jakemazonson is going to be there). Tony and Jav are on Brian Dillman of Milwaukee’s team, Addison and Jake are on Chris Hammersely of Lexington’s team, and Jamie is on Jason Woadie of Portland’s team. One of their teams will likely come out on . Place your bets now!!

Keep tabs here

The Commonwealth Classic


Boston Bike Polo is proud to announce The Commonwealth Classic. This will be the first tournament we’ve hosted in almost 2 years, and we couldn’t be more excited! See below for details.

The Commonwealth Classic

October 20 & October 21, 2012

A 3v3 Bike polo tournament open to any and all players. Saturday, Day 1, will be swiss rounds held in South Boston at Marine Park Court, and Carson Beach court if needed. Day 2 will be a double-elimination bracket held at our infamous pickup courts in Allston behind the Harvard Stadium. The number of teams for day 2 will be determined. Register at hardcourtbikepolo.org. Registration will be $30 per team. If you are in need of housing get in touch with us at The League of Bike Polo Thread here


Tentative Weekend Schedule

Friday, October 19th

5:00 – 10pm Meet & Greet, Pickup @ Allston Court

10pm – ??? PARTY

Saturday, October 20th

9 – 9:30am – Registration and team check in @ Carson Beach Court

10am – 6pm – Swiss Rounds @ Carson Beach Court and Marine Park Court

6pm – ??? more PARTY

Sunday, October 21st

11am – 3pm – Final brackets @ Allston Court

3:30 pm – Awards

We Got Fully Torqued in Burlington

Boston Polo fled the crowded urban streets this weekend to a much needed chill-cation up north where the air is clear and the sherm is pure. Our crew arrived in 3 waves on Friday and got right into a plethora of shenanigans. Toni set the pace right off the bat, and it was apparent that this was going to be fully torqued the weekend. We arrived in the midst of Burlington’s Art Hop, the biggest most twisted torqued party of the year, full of bands and parties and dj’s and sherm sticks and whiskey and mind-blowing visual displays.

Saturday started without a hitch, save the high winds, and Boston was quickly dazzling folks on the hardtop. Two all Boston teams were in the running. Scorpionbowl DMT Sherminators was Howl, Sammy and Tyler. Slash and Burn was Toni Jav and Jamie. Johan and Addison played on The Not So Means and The Pointer Brothers respectively with some out of towner homies. Farm Raised was a quasi boston team with Jake and Tyler now of North Hampton. We played three high action swiss rounds before getting rained out.


After all was said and done, Johans team scored 2nd place, Slash and Burn pulled out in 4th, and Addison and Jake’s team’s tied for 7th. Everyone walked away with some dope prizes – designer French undies, Rad Caps and way more. Thanks to Liam and all the BVT crew for putting on such a rad tournament, we can’t wait to come back!

photo/video cred (we were too torqued to take our own pics):
Devin of NYC polo

1 Week Until the Mellow/Rad/Awesome Burlington, VT Tourney

This will be the third year our good friends from the Burlington, VT club have put on this amazing tournament. Boston attended for the first time last year and had camping cooking polo partying shrooming beaching good time.

Toni Jav and Jamie are teaming up for the Boston Pro Team
Tyler Nick and Howl will be teaming up for The Boston Semi Pro Team
and Addison and Johan are teaming up with some other rad folks for slaying

For more details check out LoBP

50 Shades of Rueben: Vol 1

Some call Reuben a Boston Bike Polo OG, some call him a mexican wizard and some call him drunk. But they all know that he has more polo bikes in a year than you and your club will have……. EVER. Frick, he has had a dozen this summer alone. So we’ve decided to chronicle the different steeds of Reuben from here on out. Prepare to be amazed.




Team Boston traves to NYC for ESPI 2012

Boston Bike Polo sent out a crew to the East Side Polo Invite 2012. Team Boston teamed up with Rad Caps for their Jerseys, which were undoubtably the Pro-est on the courts. This year ESPIS was a bench format, each team having an unlimited roster, with only 9 active during each game. New York Hardcourt Bike Polo hosted 6 East Coast Teams: Richmond VA, New York NY, Philly PA, Pittsburg PA, Boston MA, and Washington DC. Teams competed in round robin games on Saturday, with players grueling through 2 30min halves. Ben Schultz from Chicago was on hand to make sure reffing was at pro status. The Finals on Sunday came down to a 3 point comeback by RVA to beat NyC. Boston lost an ultra fun losers match against Philly to end up in 4th overall. We’ll get um next year, for sure!