Boston/NYC takes third at Rochester Flour City Invitational

The Boston team of Jarrett, Bri and Nate took 3rd place at the Flour City Invite last weekend.  They managed to overcome a bunch of tough teams, one of which got a bit surly with Jarrett over an alleged t-bone.  Bri got the much deserved female MVP award, winning a lovely top tube cover.  The Laurel, Howl and Jon team got knocked out by a bunch of drunk Canadians who fancied the wrist shot.  Overall a fun experience.  Stay tuned for info on our upcoming 2 on 2 tournament!


We have two teams representing Boston at the Flour City Invitational in Rochester, New York.  One team is all brains, the other, all brawn.  I predict double first place if the contest is to determine whose city’s players are the most awe inspiring.  Photos will be posted upon our victorious return to the city.
Click on the image for a full view of the flyer.

NAHBPC ’10 – Madison Wins

Madison, WI won the bid to host the 2010 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. Come July of next year around 96 teams from around the country and Canada, will compete to get one of the 32 slots for the double elimination tournament on Sunday. Expect there to be lots of polo, party’s, beer, and general Midwest fun. Trek is sponsoring them, and with that they are going to build purpose built courts for Sundays matches. Trust me, you will want to play on these courts.

Lets make sure Boston has a strong presence and show them how play bike polo. It is looking like the dates are going to mid July. Check for all the current info on upcoming tournament information, and events.

Boston will be throwing a tournament next year, expect there to be around 32 teams coming to play.

If you haven’t already, check out the new home for boston bike polo.

NAHBPC bid and new website

Boston is currently working very hard to place a bid for the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in 2010. We have been talking to everyone to get them involved whether is just be volunteering, donating prizes or working with sponsors. We are very excited to have the chance to host the NAHBPC. This event will be bringing in 180 of the best players, and various media outlets from around the country.

If you have any interest in helping out for NAHBPC, send an email to We will know after the 25th if our bid was selected.

In the mean time go check out the brand new website at There is also a new Polo Only forum attached to the main website, where you can learn about all the current polo happenings.

Get out and play.