White Fang WINS!

The Commonwealth Classic hosted by US, Boston Bike Polo went off last weekend without a hitch. We had amazing weather BOTH days, great teams from all over. We had 2 teams from each Bangor, ME and New York, NY, one full Burlington, VT team, another from Northampton, MA, and Boston had 4 teams in the running. Saturday was a net-bulging round robin and every team got at least on match up with every other squad.

Boston’s WHITE FANG made up of Papi, Addison and Jamie came out on top after a grueling fangfull double final. The home team boys squeaked in the sudden-death winning goal to keep The Commonwealth Cup in Boston for its first year. Get training for next year!

Final Standings
1 White Fang BOS
2 I hope Dirks Shows Up NYC/BOS
3 Old Yeller’s Revenge Northampton/BTV
4 Tochahontis and the Smokin’ Bears BTV
6 Shitstorm Troopers NYC
6 Boner Bros BOS
8 Black Ribbon Bike Crew – Bangor
8 bind polo kill BOS
10 Tally-ho BOS
10 Bangover Bangor

Things were kicked off properly Friday night

The coveted Commonwealth Cup

A crowd gathered on the beach in southie

The ride between the southie courts was quite pleasant

Papi vs Bob

Cole showed up sunday sans full face helmet but so ready for business

Mars is like yo whatsup

Tochahontis and The Smokin’ Bears had on their warpaint

Regan is part of the 2012 polo lockout, but he still helped out with timing.

Tony perched in a fine place to root for the hometeam boys

Fully fanged

Fixcraft really hooked up the balls for this weekend. Thanks fixcraft!

The bracket at the beginning of double elim

The view from Tony’s perch

The final underway

The winners bracket

You need to get a new bike

The Boston Boys win!


A proper joyful garden celebration feast