An Open Letter to Boston

This is an open love letter to Boston and Boston Bike Polo. Some kids want to retire this logo, but personally I love it. Boston is probably one of the worst biking cities in North America. I don’t know why specifically; it could be because of the generally unfavorable road conditions, the oblivious and ornery automobile drivers, or the roads that look like someone dropped a handful of spaghetti on a map. The city and its bureaucrats hate that we... Read More

Commonwealth Classic 2014: Dizzy Bat, Fireworks, and Bulged Nets

The weekend after Worlds, October 26-27, 14 teams descended on Boston for the 3rd annual Commonwealth Classic. We witnessed the future of bike polo – dizzy bat, watched Nico reverse enter a hammock on a fence (wtf. still don’t understand), and took heckling to the next level by adding some firecrackers behind those insults. Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland Photo Credit: Gus Hoiland We kicked off the tournament Boston style – with bloody mary’s... Read More