Commonwealth Classic 2014: Dizzy Bat, Fireworks, and Bulged Nets

The weekend after Worlds, October 26-27, 14 teams descended on Boston for the 3rd annual Commonwealth Classic. We witnessed the future of bike polo – dizzy bat, watched Nico reverse enter a hammock on a fence (wtf. still don’t understand), and took heckling to the next level by adding some firecrackers behind those insults. Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland Photo Credit: Gus Hoiland We kicked off the tournament Boston style – with bloody mary’s... Read More

Lexington, KY: Midwest Open 4 Sure

I had a few “holy shit!” moments this weekend. It was never, “holy shit! I’m going to die!” or “holy shit! there’s Obama, where’s my healthcare!” It was more along the lines of, “holy shit! I’m on the road to Lexington, KY and I’m going to poop my pants with excitement!”   That’s a dank wheelcover, kid. (photo: @thekaylastory) I had never been to Kentucky and I was jazzed to get down there. I had heard legends... Read More


It has been almost a month since Boston threw a monster of an indoor event. 26 teams with the best players in the World in attendance. So much to say but I cant be bothered. The highlights for Boston was our A team (Nick(best man), Tony & Neil Young) coming 8th overall, beating Machine Politics of Chicago (Runner up in the World Championships, in the Swiss Rounds on day 1. Then on the sunday double elim they got knocked out by the World Champions... Read More