An Open Letter to Boston

This is an open love letter to Boston and Boston Bike Polo. Some kids want to retire this logo, but personally I love it. Boston is probably one of the worst biking cities in North America. I don’t know why specifically; it could be because of the generally unfavorable road conditions, the oblivious and ornery automobile drivers, or the roads that look like someone dropped a handful... Read More

How Did I Get Here?

I’ve had too much time on my hands and too little playing polo. The first time I played polo was after some bike drag races in Quito, Ecuador. Bike Polo was new to Quito, and so at just about every bike event Xavi would bring mallets, cones, and a ball and encourage people to try it. I don’t think I hit the ball once the entire game, but like how most of us got here... Read More

I Hate Bike Polo, Too

Today isn’t even over and it already sucks. The first link I clicked on this morning was, where I was greeted with an excellently written, well-thought out argument against playing bike polo entirely. And it was shared all over the internet— by my friends! Who all love playing bike polo more than they love their parents. Was it an inside joke? Because... Read More

A Polo Player’s Wishlist

Merry Christmas or Happy Festivus or Have a Pleasant Whatever-You-Celebrate! I know it’s relatively dreary outside, but that’s ok. It’s just another reason to catch up on polo content such as Mr Do Video and Lancaster Polo and all the other great polo blogs and archives out there. You cannot deny that it is a wonderful life as long as you’re giving and getting... Read More

Happy Holidaze from BBP

Let’s see Nick Kruse try this shit out. Spartan kick someone in the forehead, or stone cold stun someone over the boards. From all of us in Boston, take it easy this week. We know that you will probably have to explain to your family members why your knees and elbows are covered in mysterious cuts and bruises. My advice? Make something up involving an interracial gang fight... Read More

Commonwealth Classic 2014: Dizzy Bat, Fireworks, and Bulged Nets

The weekend after Worlds, October 26-27, 14 teams descended on Boston for the 3rd annual Commonwealth Classic. We witnessed the future of bike polo – dizzy bat, watched Nico reverse enter a hammock on a fence (wtf. still don’t understand), and took heckling to the next level by adding some firecrackers behind those insults. Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland Photo Credit: Gus Hoiland We... Read More

Commonwheels Co-op Party! Saturday April 6

We’re warming ourselves up for ERQ’s this weekend at Commonwheels Spring Bike Party! For $5 you get access to a keg of the tastiest beer in New England – Berkshire Brewing Company Steel Rail Pale Ale. Don’t take our word for it, come join us and find out! We’re going to set up knife fights out back, and the after party will be head at our very favorite... Read More

Hockeytown Polo

Its winter – the sun is going down early and we only have streetlight to illuminate our pickup courts. So we head to hockeytown for some fully-lit polo with Northampton, MA and Burlington, VT joining to make it all the merrier. Those who hadn’t experienced it before took a moment to warm to the mylec surface and before long everyone got in some solid polo. Rumor has... Read More

Team Boston traves to NYC for ESPI 2012

Boston Bike Polo sent out a crew to the East Side Polo Invite 2012. Team Boston teamed up with Rad Caps for their Jerseys, which were undoubtably the Pro-est on the courts. This year ESPIS was a bench format, each team having an unlimited roster, with only 9 active during each game. New York Hardcourt Bike Polo hosted 6 East Coast Teams: Richmond VA, New York NY, Philly PA, Pittsburg... Read More


Nick and Ian are good on paper CoCo Kiwi (ESPI4th) -Jacob,Toni,Nick Kruse Boston Bike Polo enjoyed podiums galore this summer making it one hot summer on paper for the best club in the East. Big ups to Jacob from Copenhagen and Nick Kruse from COMO (ESPI MVP), who joined some of our teams to add depth and euro style. Both of them are now honorary life long BBP members and we look... Read More