NAH Bench Champs – Where does your club stand?

As you know, NAH announced that they will be hosting a NAH Club Bench Championship. Basically, the 12 top polo clubs in North America will be traveling to Lexington, KY this fall to find out who is the best. The catch: clubs will be invited based on their 2014 NAH Series Rankings. In each of the NAH qualifiers, and at the NAHBPC, players will earn points for their club. For the  ranking... Read More

Eastside Thaw Final

Here is a video of the final of the Eastside Thaw. Nick Kruse, James and Yeager beat Jav, Drew and Troy 6-5. I recommend watching this on mute and pumping your own soundtrack (mostly because it’s embarrassing for me) but I will say that the Jav puns are pretty good – especially around the middle of the video.  Read More

Eastside Thaw 2014: I’m Lovin’ It

When the location change of the 2014 Eastside Thaw was announced I knew I wanted to go. These two courts in Frederick Maryland are probably the nicest on the east coast. I was a little weary of the format. Mixed skill level, shuffled teams? Was I gonna get stuck with a couple duds and just get slaughtered all weekend. I got shit for trying to sandbag on Facebook, but not having... Read More

Podium Rolling Out New Features

Podium, the brainchild of Portland Bike Polo’s Vince Foley, is arguably the most useful technological advance in the history of the poloverse. The software has streamlined the organization 129 tournaments throughout it’s history, including the past 3 World Championships (975 games collectively) and the 2013 European Hardcourt Championship, which  clocks in as the largest... Read More

Philly One-Day A/B Tourney

TipTop Playground: where dreams are born and prompty @bearcat2004 The Saturday after Thanksgiving Alan, Mars and I began the drive down to Philly to meet up with Zac to represent Boston Bike Polo at the one day Philly A/B tournament. After casserole at Mars’ parents house, too many hours on the New Jersey Turnpike, and failed attempts at eating baklava while driving,... Read More

Too Cool for Rules? Don’t Be That Guy.

I am not proud that this meme is attached to this post. It’s so obvious, it’s the laziest thing I’ve ever done. For fuck’s sake, follow the rules of bike polo. The rules are there to keep you safe (you fucking goon), and they are there to protect your disgusting body and your piece-of-shit bike and your expensive polo gear. The truly beautiful thing about our... Read More

HOLY SHIT – Assassins vs Beavers WHBPC13

Assassins vs Beavers. This is how bike polo is meant to be played. Hard-nosed, tough, physical and fast polo. I can’t figure out how to embed the video into this post, so here’s the link: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Here’s what I was watching for: Look at that sunset! Watching Koyo on the ball is like watching an American... Read More

The Art of Losing Gracefully

If you have played bike polo in your lifetime, you have been a loser.If you continue to play bike polo, you will definitely lose again. Losing sucks. It’s probably the second most shitty thing that can happen while playing polo, after breaking your scaphoid. There are only four different outcomes from a game of polo: your team wins, your team loses, both teams tie, or the... Read More

Commonwealth Classic 2014: Dizzy Bat, Fireworks, and Bulged Nets

The weekend after Worlds, October 26-27, 14 teams descended on Boston for the 3rd annual Commonwealth Classic. We witnessed the future of bike polo – dizzy bat, watched Nico reverse enter a hammock on a fence (wtf. still don’t understand), and took heckling to the next level by adding some firecrackers behind those insults. Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland Photo Credit: Gus Hoiland We... Read More

Lexington, KY: Midwest Open 4 Sure

I had a few “holy shit!” moments this weekend. It was never, “holy shit! I’m going to die!” or “holy shit! there’s Obama, where’s my healthcare!” It was more along the lines of, “holy shit! I’m on the road to Lexington, KY and I’m going to poop my pants with excitement!”   That’s a dank wheelcover, kid. (photo: @thekaylastory) I had never been... Read More