How we play!

When you join us for pickup you can expect just that – low-stress, no strings, extra fun pickup!
Heres how it happens:313682_844716524395_24402784_38945959_626864871_n
  • Games are determined by tossing your mallet into the center of the court. All mallets will be shuffled and six will berandomly sorted into teams of three on three. The remaining mallets will be sorted into a queue.
  • Teams line up with back wheels along opposing walls. The count 3-2-1 POLO! and two players for each side “joust” for the firstĀ possessionĀ of the ball at center court
  • Foot down. If a player’s foot touches the ground, they are out of play and cannot play the ball again until after they tap out. Tapping out varies consists of tapping your mallet on the boards on either side of center court. After a player has tapped out, they may return to play.
  • Safe Contact. Like on like contact is allowed. Body to body, bike to bike, mallet to mallet. Other contact is not allowed – mallet to player, etc. When competition gets more serious the rule increase, but for pickup just worry about this.
  • The ball must be hit the ball with the front (business) end of the mallet. Otherwise a shuffle – with the wide side of the mallet – will not count as a goal.
  • After scoring, team who scored must fall back past half court and wait for the other team to take possession of the ball and cross the half court line.
  • First to 5 points wins!

New to the sport? Here is what you should bring:classic-9

    • Play on any bike you like, but please make sure the ends of the handlebars are plugged and safe
    • Mallets are DIY (typically ski poles with pvc/gas pipe heads). If you don’t have one folks will be more than happy to lend one out. If you want to buy one we suggest ARENA Bike Polo from san francisco.
  • We use street hockey balls which are available in varieties suitable for various weather conditions. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty.

See you on the courts!
3 – 2 – 1 POLO!

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