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Eastside Thaw Final

Here is a video of the final of the Eastside Thaw. Nick Kruse, James and Yeager beat Jav, Drew and Troy 6-5. I recommend watching this on mute and pumping your own soundtrack (mostly...


Looking Back: ESPI I-IV Shirt Collection

Marco (@philthycourier) just ‘gramed his ESPI shirt collection from ESPI, ESPI 2, ESPI 3, and ESPI 4, (the latter having been held here in Boston. Eastside polo history goes back quite a ways relative...


Good Luck to Boston this weekend!

Despite the remnants of the NEMO blizzard still lingering, our little Boston polo scene is still hustling. We had 5 teams make it to hockeytown last Sunday for our first ever “team night”. See the videos...