Too Cool for Rules? Don’t Be That Guy.

I am not proud that this meme is attached to this post. It’s so obvious, it’s the laziest thing I’ve ever done.

For fuck’s sake, follow the rules of bike polo. The rules are there to keep you safe (you fucking goon), and they are there to protect your disgusting body and your piece-of-shit bike and your expensive polo gear. The truly beautiful thing about our sport is that there are so few rules in the first place. I recently read something I really liked on League of Bike Polo:  every new sport is advanced in the space between the rules, and that strategic advancement is not dictated by the rules themselves. For example, with the development of bike polo specific equipment, such as mallet heads that enhance scooping ability and frames that center your weight more appropriately for hopping and pivot turning, we are each individually granted the new tactics, and those tactics give us exponentially more choices to make as a team on the court. And that’s a beautiful thing if you ask me.

This is a clean hit. Good job, Javier! Lead by example.
This is a clean hit. Good job, Javier! Lead by example.

Now, I realize that not everyone shares my peachy idealistic view of the rules. Some kids want to be Spartan renegades and play by their own rules, and I have been trying my best to appreciate that position. I understand that everyone interprets “the rules” differently, specifically the definitions for high sticking, slashing, and off-ball contact. Some kids want to play exclusively by our golden rule of polo, Don’t Be A Dick. But can’t you see how this reductionist point of view leads to less of a grey area and more of a black hole? If there are enough kids on the court playing by different definitions of a slash or hack, aggression will escalate wicked quick. Retaliatory strikes (guilty of these myself) are arguably even more egregious than offending actions such as slashing, because they are motivated by vengeance and anger, and are way more likely to cause accidents. Also, that’s like totally the definition of being a dick, and we all JUST agreed that we shouldn’t be dicks like thirty seconds ago.

If I were reffing this game, I would eject every player for tucking his shirt into his underwear. Also this is a high stick, that's a turnover.
If I were reffing this game, I would eject every player for tucking his shirt into his fucking underwear. (Also this is a high stick, that’s a turnover)

I want to take a moment and recognize the work Nick Kruse is putting into updating the rules. He recently showed me a few of his updates, and his language is so clear and his writing is so effective that I swear I saw a flock of doves fly out of his laptop’s screen. But what do we do when we have a disagreement about the rules at pickup? Shouldn’t the rules be more flexible (i.e. allowing wrist shots, throwing your mallet at the ball) since there are beginners present and we’re all just drinking and having fun? I suggested to our club that we use the most current version of NAH rules and regulations at pickup, but only to enforce turnovers. That way, we have good habits on the court when traveling to other cities for tournaments. You might argue that strictly reffing and enforcing turnovers during pickup games takes away the inherent punk-rock nature that is essential to the spirit of bike polo. To that, I say you are dead fucking wrong, kiddo. We all have lives outside of bike polo, even if we don’t want to admit it; we can’t go around breaking each others’ bones and sporting black eyes to the office— I’m not sixteen anymore. I know that taking hits and falls is part of the game, I know that the smart thing to do is wear pads and a face cage, because accidents (that is to say, accidents caused by Tobi) happen. But should I dress like a NFL linebacker just to play a pickup game of bike polo? I have responsibilities as a human being— I have cats to feed, man!

Classic Tobi (edit: this is actually zac) photo:@TP6017
Nice salmon head. But keep it under your shoulders or else it’s a turnover.
(photo: @TP6017)

Let me reframe my argument: I don’t particularly care if people break the rules. It doesn’t make me cry and it doesn’t make me cum, I am completely indifferent to it. Really, I just want to play polo, and if you break the rules and endanger my well-being, frankly that’s ok because I should have expected it— bike polo is dangerous. However, there is a line that any reasonable person should not cross, and it is an admittedly fuzzy line. How do you quantify the aggression in Lomax’s wild swing? If Zach Blackburn elbows you in the chest while you’re playing goal, how aggressively can you protect yourself? I don’t have the answers to these questions. I only hope that we can get back to what the game is truly about, in my opinion, which is mallet skill and speed. Picks and hits have a place in bike polo, but slamming on your friends’ steering arms and knocking them off their bikes seems unnecessarily barbaric. As Bill and Ted once said on their excellent adventure, “Be excellent to each another, and party on, dudes!” -ZS

These guys would NEVER do anything un-excellent like put a mallet under your front wheel.
These guys would NEVER do anything un-excellent like put a mallet under your front wheel.

HOLY SHIT – Assassins vs Beavers WHBPC13

Assassins vs Beavers

Assassins vs Beavers.

This is how bike polo is meant to be played. Hard-nosed, tough, physical and fast polo.

I can’t figure out how to embed the video into this post, so here’s the link: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Here’s what I was watching for:

Koyo vs
Look at that sunset! Watching Koyo on the ball is like watching an American Bald Eagle poach a salmon out of the Mississippi River.

Ball handling. Koyo is a master at keeping the ball where only he can control it, specifically when he has a lot of momentum. I don’t think I saw him turn the ball over once. Do you know how incredible that is, to play the World Champions and never lose the ball? Teams that control the ball dictate the pace of the game. The Assassins play fast, take hard quick shots, and take a lot of calculated risks playing goal. This works out for them because they are positionally perfect; they don’t get caught behind the net or get beat at halfcourt. And to the Beavers credit, they are not dumb. They play tight, tenacious defense with a relatively soft forecheck and wait for the Assassins to shoot, taking advantage of the Assassins mistakes and creep into the offensive zone. That’s where they excel, pressuring the ball into the net.

LOL u r lookin the wrong way dood
LOL u r lookin the wrong way dood

Picks and setting up plays. The Beavers do it better than anyone. Whenever a Beaver feels pressure from any of the Assassins, they drop the ball to the last man back and pick that attacker off the ball. That’s phenomenally unselfish teamwork. Mediocre players want to streak down the court and force a shot into a wheelcover every time, but that’s not a great way to score goals. Great players are often patient and calm, waiting for a shot to present itself after the defense breaks down. That’s what happens at 2:55, Dillman slowly snakes his way into Assassins territory, draws Lefty Joe out of the goal with a deke, and shoves a limp dick goal into the net. It’s not very entertaining, but you can’t deny that it’s effective.

If Nick Kruse falls down in the forest and there's no one there to make fun of him, did  it really happen?
If Nick Kruse falls down in the forest and there’s no one there to make fun of him, did it really happen?

Bike handling. This is less important than controlling the ball or setting up picks, but holy shit these kids are great on their bikes. Obviously when you dab, you’re of no use to anyone on the court. This game displays a lot of smart hopping by both teams. Staying upright and turning towards the middle of the court is your best bet for creating or disrupting opportunities on the ball. My favorite example comes at 4:50, where Koyo takes an errant rip at the net and the rebound bounces out to the top of center court. Koyo is totally out of position, but he still uses his momentum to pivot turn on his front wheel and maintain possession of the ball. He then curves around down the left wall and takes a perfect backhand shot, resulting in a goal for the Assassins. Poetry in motion.

Thanks to Mr. Do for posting these incredible games on the internet and giving me something to do for an hour. I can only hope that some Boston players get on the internet so I can make fun of them, too. -ZS

The Art of Losing Gracefully

If you have played bike polo in your lifetime, you have been a loser.  If you continue to play bike polo, you will definitely lose again.
If you have played bike polo in your lifetime, you have been a loser.
If you continue to play bike polo, you will definitely lose again.

Losing sucks. It’s probably the second most shitty thing that can happen while playing polo, after breaking your scaphoid. There are only four different outcomes from a game of polo: your team wins, your team loses, both teams tie, or the game ends prematurely because someone broke his scaphoid. There are so many emotions that we have to deal with as players, and not to get all psychiatric or anything, but having the emotional maturity to deal with a tough loss is SUPER important when dealing with angry drunk bikers holding long aluminum sticks.

I’ve recently changed my perspective about losing (or as I like to call it, “not winning”), and while the pain of losing still stings like a nest of wasps, I am much more gracious than I used to be. I used to throw mallets and mean mug my friends and yell and scream like a little bitch. It was embarrassing in the purest sense of the word; embarrassing for my teammates, embarrassing for my club, and most of all embarrassing for me. I’m not proud of it, but I am man enough to admit that I can be a sore loser.

When you lose, don't be this guy.
When you lose, don’t be this guy.

The change I made is specific to the way I relate to the game in my head. I make a very conscious effort to remind myself that I have to be friends with everyone I played with when I get off the court. On the court, this means that I can’t make fun of my opponents stupid shirt, no matter how fucking stupid it is. I can’t cheat or be a dick or be unsportsmanlike, it is unbecoming of a newly elected NAH Eastside Representative. Most importantly, I can’t avoid tapping mallets and saying “good game” to the guys who beat me, and I definitely can’t avoid acknowledging the effort made by the guys on my team.

I am genuinely happy for anyone that scores a sick goal on me. Seriously! It fuels my fire. It makes me want to get better at defending shots, it shows me what I should do to prevent it from happening again, and it gives me and my team a chance to adjust and figure out what we can do to thrash the other team for the rest of the game. But no matter what happens with regards to the score, the tournament seeding, or the bracket standings, I will say that you did a great job and congratulate you on a good game.

I can only try to improve myself and my game. I can’t control the people around me. I want to win just as much as the other team, and while a loss is disappointing, it isn’t the end of the world. There will be other games, other tournaments, other players and other teams. As long as we keep playing bike polo, there will always be winners and losers. And in a way, none of us ever really win, we just do a little better each time. -ZS

This guy is a huge loser, but for a slightly different reason. Maybe it's his denim jacket & jeans combo. Maybe it's his extra long fu manchu. But it's probably just his dual-dildo sideways bike.
This guy is a huge loser, but for a slightly different reason. Maybe it’s his denim jacket & jeans combo. Maybe it’s his extra long fu manchu. But it’s probably just his dual-dildo sideways bike.

Commonwealth Classic 2014: Dizzy Bat, Fireworks, and Bulged Nets


The weekend after Worlds, October 26-27, 14 teams descended on Boston for the 3rd annual Commonwealth Classic. We witnessed the future of bike polo – dizzy bat, watched Nico reverse enter a hammock on a fence (wtf. still don’t understand), and took heckling to the next level by adding some firecrackers behind those insults.

Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland
Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland
Photo Credit: Gus Hoiland
Photo Credit: Gus Hoiland

We kicked off the tournament Boston style – with bloody mary’s – and played some brisk fall polo during 5 rounds of swiss play on Saturday. Despite some complaining constructive feedback about how to deal with shuffle teams in the swiss rounds, Saturday ended with some beautiful displays of purple smoke-bombs and firecrackers on the court.

Saturday night while drinking some beer and watching some hockey, some New York dudes began to tell us some mystical tales of ‘dizzy bat.’ ‘It will save bike polo,’ they said, and although they tried to explain it to us, it wasn’t until double elims on Sunday that we saw it with our own eyes.

Thanks Zac, for this instragram magic.

Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland
Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland
Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland

Action stepped up another level on Sunday afternoon as Boston Pro Squad (Addison, Robby, Johan) went into golden goal OT versus Something Offensive (Kruse, Blackburn, Mumford), with Something Offensive going on to win the winners bracket. Something Offensive went into a double final versus Bulging Net (Hamersly, Norris, Toni), losing twice to a team they beat in the winner’s bracket. However, the most exciting part of the finals were the fireworks – nothing lights a game on fire, like literal fire and gun powder on the court.

Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland
Photo Cred: Gus Hoiland
Photo Cred: decog


Thus, by some bullshit of Toni bringing in out of town ringers, the Commonwealth Cup stays in Boston. Toni is currently letting his cats fondle the cup, and then doing what he does best – creating instagram masterpieces.

Next year the cup will stay in Boston with a full Boston team. COUNT IT.

Huge shout out to our sponsors – thanks for your support! And thanks for the photos Gus!

  • Vitacoco
  • SRAM
  • John Harvard Brewery
Vitacoco for the win!
Vitacoco for the win!


Photo cred: Alan
Thanks for the swag Sram! Photo cred: Alan


I don't know what Addison is doing in this picture. But he's going it with some free Sram swag on. And camo leggings.
I don’t know what Addison is doing in this picture. But he’s going it with some free Sram swag on. And camo leggings.

(also Vitacoco, you should know, that vitacoco+flat beer+whiskey = not as gross as you’d think. Thanks for the recipe, Deco.)

See y’all for Commonwealth Classic 2014 – fireworks guaranteed!

Lexington, KY: Midwest Open 4 Sure

I had a few “holy shit!” moments this weekend. It was never, “holy shit! I’m going to die!” or “holy shit! there’s Obama, where’s my healthcare!” It was more along the lines of, “holy shit! I’m on the road to Lexington, KY and I’m going to poop my pants with excitement!”


That's a dank wheelcover, kid.
That’s a dank wheelcover, kid. (photo: @thekaylastory)

I had never been to Kentucky and I was jazzed to get down there. I had heard legends of bourbon-fueled chaos and hardcore polo in Lexington, as the city is clearly the lynchpin that keeps the Eastside and Midwest polo regions together. It goes without saying I was super stoked for the games, the bourbon, and to see all the kids that are as addicted to polo as I am. In the weeks preceding the tournament I had been hearing rumors of brand new fully-lit courts and boards provided by the Lexington Parks Department, which was as baffling as it was tantalizing. Somehow these Lex kids tricked the city into cooperating with them, and I was going to reap the benefits of a fully torqued weekend of high-octane polo.



***I wrote a couple paragraphs about our road trip down to Kentucky, which was eventful but irrelevant. Skip down to the end if you want to read about it ;’) ***


Check out these courts, they look so fucking nice!
Check out these courts, they were so fucking nice! (photo: @willisvandamage)

Anyway, back to the polo. Pickup on Friday night was fantastic. I really can’t stress how awesome the new courts and boards are. The surface was incredibly grippy— almost no one slid out and the boards were wicked live, so all the rebounds bounced deep back into the crease. As more friends arrived, it turned into a PBR-crushing party until the lights went out. Afterwards we hit Al’s, the local dive bar, where I drank local beers until I couldn’t see straight and then I passed out on a futon in Irishtown, a small ghetto on the other side of Lexington. I woke up at 8am in a room full of new friends.  I blasted What’s New Pussycat? at full volume for several repeats until everyone was awake enough to tuck away their morning erections. Chris Simpson “cooked”  a shitty piece of steak and destroyed a fried egg for me, so I was ready to get on the court and smack some balls.


This dude thinks he can match my American flag hat game, but everyone I asked said my hat has much more character ;')
This dude thinks he can match my American flag hat game, but everyone I asked said my hat has much more character ;’) (photo: @bearcat2004)

Swiss rounds were awesome, as the morning bracket was full of really impressive talent. My favorite team to watch was Fuck’n Fat Chance, made up of Charlie Sprinkle and Daniel Sebring (Instagram: @sprinkskinks and @rimgrippers, respectively) and they had a great showing. I didn’t get to meet every player on every team, but of the kids I remember, The Grins (Jessi with Nick McLean) and the Green Beards (Hamersly and Nate) were clearly winners bracket contenders. We’re Just Partyin’ (Chris Simpson and Nic Maglio) knocked me around like a pinball on the court, and The Significant Otters (John Hayes and Nic Savage) were some of the most fun opponents I’ve faced in recent memory. The weather was beautiful and spirits were high. No one cried, everyone got laid, and the Spice Girls showed up and made out with everyone– it was crazy, you should have been there.


Later on, everyone ended up at Sidecar, a shitty bar physically attached to Al’s, and we all got shitfaced on $2 PBRs, $3 bud lite lime-a-ritas, and had a crazy karaoke sing-along. Nico Paris (@robo_nico) screamed Bohemian Rhapsody into my face, including the guitar solos, and everyone in the room felt his/her junk wiggle when a kid named AJ sang Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye. I considered breaking out my favorite R. Kelly songs, but in a very uncharacteristic move on my part I chickened out like a little bitch and slinked back to my futon in Irishtown to watch VHS tapes, most memorably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze.


The rain didn't bother anyone, the courts were too nice and we were having too much fun to care.
The rain didn’t stop anyone from playing polo, the courts were too nice and we were having too much fun to care. (photo: @c0motimd)

The fun stopped temporarily on Sunday when it started to rain. There were tornado warnings screeching and the skies opened up and poured out like God’s vagina, so we all knew some serious shit was about to go down. Everyone got soaked, and not in a fun way. I didn’t pack at all for the rain and I was freezing my shaft off all morning. The games were too infrequent to keep my blood pumping so I hid out in the nearby rec center with the hot coffee. I got several cups and some dank maple bacon doughnuts with Kiki of Toronto (@kikiknots) from the local bakery / coffee roasters, North Lime coffee shop across the street from Al’s. The doughnuts were so dank that I felt the need to put it in writing; thinking about those doughnuts makes my peen swell. After my team was eliminated I reffed and timed a bunch of games, reminding everyone that we still had to be friends after this tournament’s winner was decided. It got chippy on the court, but it never got out of hand. You’re welcome, Lexington.

Her face says it all. Wicked dank doughnuts.
Her face says it all. Wicked dank doughnuts. (photo: @bearcat2004)

Unfortunately, we all know how this story ends: two Lexington-led teams ended up in the final match. The Grins forced a double final, and Drew of The Green Beards let in a heartbreaking own-goal in the second final game, forcing an overtime re-joust for a golden goal. The tournament ended when Nick McLean ripped a perfect shot, bulging the net, costing Nate’s team the trophy, the glory, and the fame (for the second time in three weeks). Everyone was very gracious, no one acted like a dick, and we made a solemn promise never to forget the events that transpired this weekend. It was very special.


I don’t mean to get all sentimental but I just don’t know how else to sum up this trip. Personally, I felt like I connected with a bunch of people that I didn’t give a fair chance in the past. And that’s really what I love about bike polo; I feel like we’re all constantly growing up and balancing out. This sport has forced me to become more understanding of myself and more in tune with others. I can more effectively balance out my aggression and passion, and I can see what connects my friends to each other and to their friends in other clubs. Ok, now that all that mushy bullshit is out of my system, I’m going to go to pickup and knock some rookies off their bikes. See you next time, Lexington! -ZS






This is obviously super illegal but how else were we supposed to get back on the road? CSDees is a hero.
This is obviously super illegal but how else were we supposed to get back on the road? CSDees is a hero. (photo: @bearcat2004)

***At 11:30pm on a Thursday, Colin Scott Dees (@CSDEES) picked me up in his ancient 1990 Audi and we hauled ass out of Boston. As a newly appointed NAH Eastside Rep, I was exhausted from my responsibilities so I fell asleep pretty much instantly. After a few wrong turns in New Jersey, we made it to Crown Heights in Brooklyn around 4am where we bodysnatched Nate Mumford (@nate_mumford) and all his gear. So now that all three of us were in the same car, we kicked off our bro-road-trip towards Kentucky. We were the only three Northerners heading to Lexington for this tournament and that was about all that we had in common. It was nice to pick their brains about how their clubs work, how they approach the game, and what they look for in teammates. However, as soon they started talking about cyclocross I fell the fuck asleep and drooled all over myself, because that shit is boring.

Aww, he sleeps sitting up and pees sitting down.
Aww, he sleeps sitting up and pees sitting down. (photo: @bearcat2004)

Now I am not a religious man, but I thank God for troopers like Colin. This dude drove 18 straight hours all the way from Boston to Lexington, stopping only a few times to roll a splif and eat a banana. I was astonished that he didn’t ask me or Nate for any help with the driving at all, and believe me, we offered. To be fair, his shitty old car was full of quirks— our phones kept dying as there was no place to stick in a phone charger, and we ran out of gas on the goddamn highway because of a faulty gas gauge. But Colin took full responsibility: he assembled one of the bikes in the trunk, rode the wrong way down the highway for a mile to the nearest gas station, and filled an emptied gallon jug water bottle with enough fuel to get us back on the road. He’s a peach, and I wish him nothing but happiness and wealth for the rest of his days. Also I hope he gets a better car.***

The Wicked Official Boston Bike Polo NAH Season Roundup – Part I

We’ve neglected this space all summer. We’d apologize, but we’re not sorry. Boston Bike Polo was busy playing all sorts of high-torque and multi-continental polo sprinkled with a bit of sherm and topped off with a fang. We must’ve played at least nine hunnit games since we last blogg’d here.

We’ll end the hiatus by recounting the summer with a tripartite recap filled with stolen instagrams and acts of debauchery we’ve committed in hard to hate polo destinations somewhere in between Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saugus, Massachusetts’s and Toni’s new Buggatti.

Let’s start at home where HockeyTown in Saugus was lucky enough host the 2013 NAH Season Opener. 20 teams from across the Eastside showed up to test drive the NAH v3 ruleset compete for 7 invites to the North American Championship, and it looked something like this:

Picked some fuel for the weekend, 2 per customer.
Screw York showed up for the party
Completed some last minute NAH regulated changes
Completed some last minute NAH regulated changes
Polo Bikes Outside Hockeytown
Polo Bikes Outside Hockeytown
There was a court outside
There was a court outside
 Which was perfect if you wanted to set plastic trash cans on fire whilst scoping the competition
Which was perfect if you wanted to set plastic trash cans on fire whilst scoping the competition
And there was a court inside
And there was a court inside
I spy three hooligans  in this photo
I spy three hooligans in this photo
Chombo 3:16
Chombo 3:16
Nate looks on
Nate looks on
Everyone showed up for business on sunday
Everyone showed up for business on sunday
Especially Joey
Especially Joey


Jake can't resist the fang
Jake can’t resist the fang
That look when you break the goal just to spite NAH.
That look when you break the goal just to spite NAH.

Thinly Sliced Cabbage (Boston) beat out Shart Bus Sharties (NYC) for the last qualifying spot. This gave us the top six Eastside teams:
1st      The Means (Chris NYC, Alexis,  Nick RVA)
2nd      D G T (Jake , Lomax, Biddle PHILLY/BOSTON)
3rd      White Fang (James, Javier Addison BOSTON)
4th      Philly (brendan, Tommy, Peter PHILLY)
5th      Los Or!gianls (WERM, JT, Baby RVA)
5th      Magic Toast (Nate, Zach, Paul NYC)
6th      Thinly sliced cabbage (Pippa, Zack, Robby BOSTON)

After party on the mountain!
After party on the mountain!

Good Luck to Boston this weekend!

Despite the remnants of the NEMO blizzard still lingering, our little Boston polo scene is still hustling.

We had 5 teams make it to hockeytown last Sunday for our first ever “team night”. See the videos down below.

That was good warm up for Tyler and Zac who are road tripping from Boston to Austin for the

And Jav was getting fired up to play with Lomax (pitt) and Paul (new york) at the Great Lake Winter Classic By now Jav is the first seed going into Sundays double elimination rounds.





White Fang WINS!

The Commonwealth Classic hosted by US, Boston Bike Polo went off last weekend without a hitch. We had amazing weather BOTH days, great teams from all over. We had 2 teams from each Bangor, ME and New York, NY, one full Burlington, VT team, another from Northampton, MA, and Boston had 4 teams in the running. Saturday was a net-bulging round robin and every team got at least on match up with every other squad.

Boston’s WHITE FANG made up of Papi, Addison and Jamie came out on top after a grueling fangfull double final. The home team boys squeaked in the sudden-death winning goal to keep The Commonwealth Cup in Boston for its first year. Get training for next year!

Final Standings
1 White Fang BOS
2 I hope Dirks Shows Up NYC/BOS
3 Old Yeller’s Revenge Northampton/BTV
4 Tochahontis and the Smokin’ Bears BTV
6 Shitstorm Troopers NYC
6 Boner Bros BOS
8 Black Ribbon Bike Crew – Bangor
8 bind polo kill BOS
10 Tally-ho BOS
10 Bangover Bangor

Things were kicked off properly Friday night

The coveted Commonwealth Cup

A crowd gathered on the beach in southie

The ride between the southie courts was quite pleasant

Papi vs Bob

Cole showed up sunday sans full face helmet but so ready for business

Mars is like yo whatsup

Tochahontis and The Smokin’ Bears had on their warpaint

Regan is part of the 2012 polo lockout, but he still helped out with timing.

Tony perched in a fine place to root for the hometeam boys

Fully fanged

Fixcraft really hooked up the balls for this weekend. Thanks fixcraft!

The bracket at the beginning of double elim

The view from Tony’s perch

The final underway

The winners bracket

You need to get a new bike

The Boston Boys win!


A proper joyful garden celebration feast

We’re Going to Bench Minor Baby!

Javier Addison Tony and Jamie aka @papi_facil @theboynamedrad @tp6017 and @jamezon are about to leave Boston will be headed north at full speed pointed towards Ottowa for the legendary Bench Minor harcourt polo tournament. (Also former Bostonian Jake aka @jakemazonson is going to be there). Tony and Jav are on Brian Dillman of Milwaukee’s team, Addison and Jake are on Chris Hammersely of Lexington’s team, and Jamie is on Jason Woadie of Portland’s team. One of their teams will likely come out on . Place your bets now!!

Keep tabs here

The Commonwealth Classic


Boston Bike Polo is proud to announce The Commonwealth Classic. This will be the first tournament we’ve hosted in almost 2 years, and we couldn’t be more excited! See below for details.

The Commonwealth Classic

October 20 & October 21, 2012

A 3v3 Bike polo tournament open to any and all players. Saturday, Day 1, will be swiss rounds held in South Boston at Marine Park Court, and Carson Beach court if needed. Day 2 will be a double-elimination bracket held at our infamous pickup courts in Allston behind the Harvard Stadium. The number of teams for day 2 will be determined. Register at Registration will be $30 per team. If you are in need of housing get in touch with us at The League of Bike Polo Thread here


Tentative Weekend Schedule

Friday, October 19th

5:00 – 10pm Meet & Greet, Pickup @ Allston Court

10pm – ??? PARTY

Saturday, October 20th

9 – 9:30am – Registration and team check in @ Carson Beach Court

10am – 6pm – Swiss Rounds @ Carson Beach Court and Marine Park Court

6pm – ??? more PARTY

Sunday, October 21st

11am – 3pm – Final brackets @ Allston Court

3:30 pm – Awards