Crease is Coming

crease 004

Rumor has it that the folks in charge want a crease rule. Chances are a crease is coming to a polo game near you. Here is a lil preview.

What are the specs of the future crease?

-A crease will extend about one foot out from the posts along the goal line.
-The NAH crease will have a 4 foot radius. Note that our nets are of NYC’s Red Menace Era vintage and are 2m wide so we used a 4.5 foot radius.
-The crease should be green gold and red.

How does the crease work? It is not perfect, but we’re still trying to smooth things out. Here is how its working for us:

-Only one defender may become stationary in the crease.
-Others defenders may enter the crease but only one can become stationary.
-No one can mess with a stationary person within the crease.
-When the ball is in the crease, anyone may enter the crease.

In Boston we don’t play much double goalie, so the crease hasn’t had a huge impact on game play. But between the crease and the popularity face offs have gained here, we might actually have to change the name of our game to Bike Hockey =^O

crease 005

Eastside Quali Roundup

We’re finally finished recovering from our amazing camping/tourney/party experience in Lancaster, PA for the Eastside Regional Qualifiers.

Big ups to our Boston teams White Fang and Holy Ghost who qualified to play in the North American Hardcourt BIke Polo Championships in Minneapolis, MN in July.

Heres a few photos from Justin Saglio




Referee Hand Signals

Referee Hand Signals

To allow the referee to communicate information about stoppages of play and penalties the NAH has implemented the use of hand signals. They are simple and effective – one look at the ref and you know he saw you lean into the innocent off-ball opponent. I’m not sure how much use they’ve seen in the qualifiers because they take a little more experience to master.

Peep this cheat-sheet so you don’t start chirpsing before you know what you got called on.

Referee Hand Signals
Referee Hand Signals

Eastside Qualifier 2014


Boston is sending 3.666 teams to the 2014 NAH Eastside Qualifiers, all with hopes to represent Boston at the 2014 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. Wish them luck.

White Fang (Addison, Jake, Javier)
Holy Ghost (Nick, Tyler, Zac)
Mean Muggers (Bob, Charlotte, Howell)
Hexmen (Graham, Alan)

Saturday, May 31, 2014 – Sunday, June 1, 2014
Contact info:

Court size:

2 Courts 60×140 4 ft boards

Eastside Qualifier 2014
May 31/June1
32 Teams, 24 in Sundays Bracket
Swiss Saturday/Double Elimination Sunday
Top 6 teams advance to NA’s.