Category: 50 Shades of Ruben

BBP’s Ruben shows up with crazy shit every time he comes to polo. This category is a historical catalog of his innovations and modifications.


50 Shades of Zip Ties

If you consider yourself a polo player, you have zip ties on you at ALL TIMES. They can literally save your life. However, most people haven’t discovered the most single important service a zip...


50 Shades of Ruben: Vol. 3

Sunday was filled with a lot of hype for Tropical Storm Sandy. The weather was shifting, the wind was howling but was no match for Rubens newest sound system. This drill box turned speaker...


50 Shades of Ruben: Vol. 2

On Friday October 12 Boston Bike Polo threw a fundraising party to raise funds for the upcoming tournament. Everyone was getting fully torqued, including Ruben, who showed up pre-torqued packing a new Ruben Cube...