50 Shades of Ruben – Dual Brakes

Its been a long time since we’ve done a 50 Shades post. In the absence you’ve only missed a shitty fuji that got BANNED, maybe we’ll post it in the future.

Looking back to the Volume 10 you may recall the shogun with double brakes. Ruben rediscovered this whip, which looks extra baddasa because it sports a scrapped off decal sporting the word “gun”.

ha he In this episode you will see a unique double brake, not available at any retailer near you.

50Ruben 003

Here its is in its current incarnation

50Ruben 004

Custom fender/classic saddle protection mechanism.

50Ruben 001

And here is the current brake set up. A single caliper simply wasn’t providing enough stopping power. Does it work. Ruben says “Of course it works!” “It took me like two and a half hours and I love it”

50Ruben 012

Note the gusset used to attach the two brakes. Talk about upcycling ingenuity When someone inquired about the length of the pair of cables Ruben insisited “I use the cables to eternity dude.”

50Ruben 007

The proud owner