Ladies Army Tour Stop: Boston

As women across the polo-verse descended upon Toronto for Ladies Army 666, a few lucky gals traveled through Boston as part of their journeys to and from the tournament. First, Gitti (BER) and I reunited in Boston, almost exactly one year to the day since we last saw each another in Berlin. Next, Jessi (SEA) took an unexpected route to Toronto via Boston, and came by for a night of pickup before road-tripping to Toronto with  Gitti, Alan, Chrissy and I. On the tail end of Ladies Army, #3babesandnoplacetogo Julia (LDN/VAN/PAR/everywhere) Eryn (VAN) and Ali (BRI), woke up on Tuesday morning after the tournament and thought “Where should we go today?” “Boston!” DUH. And came through the Hub as the first pit stop on their epic journey across the northeast of North America (fabulously documented on instagram). Gitti and I traveled back together as well, and Gitti got to play at our Allston court one more time.

While Gitti was in Boston she took some amazing photos of the city, her companions, and Boston Bike Polo. Her photos capture the epitome of the Allston Court at the height of its New England summer glory. You can check out more of her incredible pictures of Boston and Ladies Army here.

Thanks to all the ladies who visited and made Boston apart of the Ladies Army tour. Come visit us again soon! -CF





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