Bike Check: Tyler Paul Farris

It was a cold, blustery day in Lower Allston on Sunday, but we managed to get in a few games of polo before our toes and fingers started to go numb. During a particularly physical game, the unthinkable happened: Tyler Paul Farris’s (Instagram: @420cat) Peruvian-made Marino fork snapped at the steerer tube, precisely over the crown.

sorry about your bike, bro
sorry about your bike, bro

Obviously Tyler wasn’t happy. “I guess this is what that creaking sound was. I heard it a lot while we were playing.”

We had been talking just yesterday about how reliable the fork appeared to be, and I was seriously considering buying one of these Marino forks myself.   I think now I might go with a different company.

He looks so beefy in that jacket, like he broke the damn thing himself with his bare hands.

I think Tyler got his money’s worth, as the fork only cost $80. Shout out to Shelley Smith of NYC for the pro tip; for anyone considering buying a new fork for their polo bike, stay away from Marino.

marino sucks
what a piece of shit!